Tide line – Terschelling

Tide line – Terschelling


Giclée print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

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Tide line – Terschelling

Open Edition

This is an open edition print which means there is no limit to the number of prints available. With these prints, you will find my name at the bottom right of the image.

Available sizes:

  • 20 × 30 cm (24 × 34 cm including 2 cm white border)
  • 30 × 45 cm (34 × 49 cm including 2 cm white border)
  • 40 × 60 cm (44 × 64 cm including 2 cm white border)

Giclée prints

Why Giclée prints?

It is a printing technique developed for making reproductions of works of art. High-quality acid-free Fineart Art papers made from 100% cotton fiber or alpha cellulose are used in printing. As a result, Fine Art papers are relatively thick (300 to 450 gr/m2) and have different surface textures. Furthermore, printing uses high-quality pigment inks that are applied to the Fine Art paper in multiple layers. Resulting in optimal Colour authenticity. Also, pigment inks are known to retain their color beautifully for more than 80 years.

For me, this is enormously valuable because I can use a Fine-Art paper for printing my works that enhances the character of the work and with the print also makes it unique.

Giclée print on Hahnemühle German Etching

Hahnemühle German Etching is a heavyweight paper with a slightly warm base tone and a powerful mottled texture. It creates a print with vibrant colors and deep/rich blacks that are high in contrast. This is due to the paper’s texture, which allows it to hold more ink and catch the light. German Etching is one of the heavier Giclée papers. With its weight and strong texture, this paper gives an artwork a handmade feel. Hahnemüle German Etching is a robust Giclée paper, which means it does not fray as often at the edges.

Hahnemühle paper is extremely resistant to aging and has a life expectancy of several hundred years. Print durability depends on the ink and can last more than 100 years with UV-resistant ink (pigment ink).


24cm x 34cm (9.4inches x 13.4inches), 34cm x 49cm (13.4inches x 19.3inches), 44cm x 64cm (17.3inches x 25.2inches)


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