Painting with the camera

Intentional Camera Movement

“By intentional moving my camera I create images of the landscape and nature as I see it at that moment. Apart from all the distracting details, I try to capture the atmosphere.”

My portfolio

Here you will find an overview of the works I have created in recent years.

For on the wall

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A list of exhibitions and other events in which I have participated.

Who am I?

Kees was born in Assen in 1966. He grew up with the nature and landscape of Drenthe, where he still enjoys hiking and biking. His ever-present interest in photography gained more substance in 2016 by focusing on nature and landscape photography.

Inspired by Andrea Gulickx, in recent years he has mastered the technique of “Intentional Camera Movement” (ICM). Using the technique of a deliberately moved camera, he manages to give his photographs, which are more reminiscent of paintings, an atmosphere of their own.



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