Venster Expositie

September 1 to 24, 2023
Gallery ‘de Sleedoorn in Zetten.

The exhibition features work by several members of the artist collective ‘Het Venster’.

The artists present recent work in various techniques and diverse styles. The works exhibited reflect the personal approach and use of sources of inspiration of the various artists.

In short, an ode to art in all its visual and colorful variety.

Uitwaaien Magazine

2nd edition
Uitwaaien magazine.

I am pleased with my contribution to the 2nd edition of the Uitwaaien magazine. The theme of this issue is Silence.

We hope to see you at the launch event on June 13, 2023 at 8 p.m. in the Bblthk.

Eventful Images

March 3 to 26, 2023
Gallery the Blackthorn in Zetten.

From March 3 to 26, 2023, Galerie de Sleedoorn in Zetten will host a duo exhibition featuring abstract sculpture in stone by Peter Balk and photographs by Kees de Ruijter. In the works of both artists, nature and an intuitive creative process play an important role. Both Peter’s sculptures and Kees’ photographs arise from observation of the material.

Music inspired by art

When different art disciplines come together, they reinforce each other.

September 25, 2022, composer and pianist Margin Alexander, among others, was inspired by my work in a captivating musical images exhibition “Imagine the Sounds” in New York. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

The timbres of the music Margin played to my image “The Light in Between” enhance the image and lead you through the impressionistic landscape.

On the short list

September 2022
ICM Photography Magazine

ICM Photography Magazine organizes each quarterly of the year a challenge for Instagram and Facebook. So too for this year’s September issue. Out of over 718 entries on Instagram, I was shortlisted. I am pleased with this recognition given the beautiful abstract image that makes Elle Colquitt the winner of this quarter’s challenge. But also the amazing creativity of the other shortlisted contestants.
My image was made in Norway.

Weekly Admin Pick Six

March 14, 2021
ICM Photography Magazine

Pretty proud.
Singled out this weekend by Kaisa SirĂ©n, one of the administrators of ICM Photograly Magazine’s Facebook page, at the “Weekly Admin Pick Six.”

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