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Gallery “de sleedoorn”

March 3 to 26, 2023
Gallery ‘de Sleedoorn’ in Zetten.

From March 3 to 26, 2023, Galerie de Sleedoorn in Zetten will host a duo exhibition featuring abstract sculpture in stone by Peter Balk and photographs by Kees de Ruijter. In the works of both artists, nature and an intuitive creative process play an important role. Both Peter’s sculptures and Kees’ photographs arise from observation of the material.

In Kees de Ruijter’s case, this material is the landscape he perceives through the lens of his camera. His method of making is known as Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). He uses this technique of a deliberately moved camera to enhance the lines, structures or colors in nature and give his nature and landscape photographs a distinctive atmosphere. In his photographs, Kees seeks a dialogue between the reality of the observed landscape and the imagination. More information can be found on the website dutchcase.nl.

When sculpting in stone, Peter Balk works without a preconceived plan, inspired by the infinite variety of stone types. While working intuitively on the raw stone, a form gradually emerges and is then further refined. In his sculptures, Peter gives form to stillness and tranquility. With this, the sculptures are a representation of the peace he himself finds while working the mighty stones. More information can be found on his Web site at https://balk.exto.nl/.

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